Batteries & Tires

Batteries & Tires

Petromin Mobile Van

If over 700 service centers is still not close enough, the Petromin Mobile Tire Facility brings our expertise and choice right to your home. Call us and we’ll see you soon.

More than you expected? That’s how we like it.


What’s the first step to proper tire maintenance? The right tires.

Be it for a new set, or assessing and servicing your current one, our Petromin service center experts will assist you with a host of the latest technology, and no less than 10 different tire brands.

With us, you can expect that what you want meets what you need.


Is there a worse start to the day than a car battery that won’t start? Especially if you’re already late!

At Petromin Service Centers, we help make sure this never happens. Our technicians check, service, and if necessary, replace your battery. We provide national-wide warranties on new batteries as well as environment-friendly disposal of the old. So you can make it to your destination on time, every time.

Expect no less.