Periodic Maintenance & Cleaning

Periodic Maintenance & Cleaning

Periodic Maintenance

Trust breeds confidence. Confidence breeds trust.

When you know your car is duly serviced and maintained, you know it will not let you down. This means one service every year, at least, and by experts. At Petromin service centers, you can trust that only the most skilled technicians, driven by the highest work ethics, lay their hands on your vehicle.

Then again, this is the least you can expect.

Complete Periodic Maintenance Services as per Manufacturers Schedules


Dust, mud, kids, eating-on-the-go: perfect ingredients for a dirty vehicle!

While some call it cleaning, we like to call it pampering. Be it on the inside or the outside, or both, your vehicle will be treated to a menu of superior professional care. All aimed at exceeding your expectations, not your budget.

No wonder those who come for the first time become forever fans.